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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mitwa to compete against Choti Bahu..

Hats Off and Star Plus' Burey Bhi Hum Bhale Bhi Hum is all set for a change in time slot. This show will be replaced by BAG Films' Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke, which was earlier slotted for the afternoon band.

The channel has thoughts of providing a counter attack with Mitwa to Zee TV's Choti Bahu which is doing well at the 7.30 PM slot. The lavish manner in which the show is being shot now also indicates to the fact that Mitwa might get an early evening slot rather than being placed in the afternoon band. Mitwa is most likely launching on 27th May and will take up the 7.30 PM slot.

This development actually leaves Hats Off's Burey Bhi Hum which presently occupies the 7.30 PM slot in a fix.

The Co-Producer Aatish Kapadia comments on this, he said, "I am out of Mumbai and have no clue on the same. If the time slot is changing then everything must have been internally decided. I am sure that the channel will give us a better time slot if this happens".

The show Burey Bhi Hum… was not delivering the required TRP's and the channel wanted to do well in the time slot, especially with heavy competition coming from Choti Bahu.

The channel is trying to fit in Burey Bhi Hum at a better time slot, but nothing is finalized yet. The concept of the show is good but the evening band is not fetching them the needed results.

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