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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Menaka battles to get Yuvraj back in Betiyaan..

Romit Raj, Yuvraj of Zee's Betiyaan will be back in action soon!!

The present track focuses on Rasik Mama emotionally blackmailing Menaka (Tanushree Kaushal) by telling her that nobody in the family is bothered about Yuvraj who is serving a jail sentence at the moment for having killed his father. This instigates Menaka to fight for her son and bring him back.

The next high point in the story will be Menaka's struggle to get her son out of jail. While the entire family is against her, there will be one person in the family who will help her in her fight. There will be major drama wherein Menaka performs a particular pooja for the welfare of her son. This track will go on for more than two weeks, at the end of which Menaka gets successful in getting her son released.

When asked about his comeback on the show, Romit Raj said, "Yes, I am getting back on the show very soon".

Watch for some high voltage drama in Betiyaan..
Menaka battles to get Yuvraj back in Betiyaan..SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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