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Monday, May 25, 2009

Diya Chopra out of Hindi Hai Hum..

Diya Chopra who played the character of Loveline in Swastik Pictures' Hindi Hai Hum on REAL TV is no more part of the show, and the buzz is that her unprofessional behavior forced the production house to look for a replacement.

According to the source, "The girl never used to turn up for shoot, and she used to pack-up at her own will. The production house had a tough time dealing with her tantrums, and they were forced to call the shots".

The Creative Director and Producer Siddharth Tewary said, "It is true that she is not longer part of the show. But I do not want to talk further".

However, Diya Chopra who has just got back to Mumbai said, "There was no such hungama between me and the production house. It was just that I was caught up with some personal work for the past two weeks, and could not attend shoot. Even now, I have just got back to Mumbai and will be travelling again the coming month. I had a talk with them, and the decision to opt out was taken amicably".

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  1. This show is different from ordinary shows, or I can say it is easy to digest. Watching this show daily without missing a single episode.