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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nidhi Uttam enters Yeh Rishta…

Nidhi Uttam is playing the character of Nadini, Naitik’s sister who is handicapped, on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. And though her costars tease her for having it easy because she is not required to move around much on the show, Nidhi says that playing the role has made her have even more respect for people with physical disabilities.

TALKING about how she bagged the role, Nidhi says, “The audition I gave was one of the toughest I’ve ever had; the lines, as well as the body language, was difficult. I even told the person who took my audition that it was hard but he said that I did a good job. I too was confident that I would be selected. And sure enough, they called me two days later for the part.”

The character of Nadini was affected by polio at the age of 3. Nidhi says, “Since she was 3, Nadini has been undergoing treatment. She is shown improving. Initially, she could not even stand. Right now she is on crutches and in future episodes there is hope of even more improvement.”

“Nadini is very attached to her brother Naitik and her family has hidden the fact that he is getting married. This is because they don’t want Nadini to feel bad as she too dreams of getting married. Even so, she is a very strong character who does not want any sympathy,” adds the actress.

Nidhi says that she has learnt a lot from her character. She says, “Being a sportsperson, it was very though for me to act handicapped. It was also painful to walk around with crutches and I got very depressed because I understood how people suffer with them.”

But her hard work has paid off, she says, “I have been getting good responses from my friends and family. Though, my costars often tease me saying that I can sit in one place and shoot. But it is not easy at all.”

The actress is now comfortable with the Yeh Rishta… team as she has made a few friends. She says, “I’ve made friends with Karan, Hina and the girl who plays choti chachi. They welcomed me on the sets. My role is not a cameo and soon there will be a love story added to my track.”

She also agrees with the show’s message, saying, “I have watched the show and I do believe in the concept of love after marriage. My own parents are liberal and they would never force me to do anything but I think that parents always choose what’s best for us.”

Nidhi has appeared in many shows such as Kasauti Zindagi Kii, Kasturi, Karam Apna Apna, and Maayka. She has also participated in the reality show Champion Chalbaaz No.1.
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