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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meet the cast of Beach-O-Beach..

Beach-O-Beach, the adaptation of the very famous international series Baywatch and Friends will soon launch on COLORS.

As reported earlier that Daljit Kaur, Eva Grover, Paintal, Asrani and Atul Kulkarni will be part of the show.

This is the first time that COLORS is coming up with such a concept which will have a different feel to it. There will be a westernized approach to the story and will also have some naughty comedy too.

The story will be about seven new generation blokes who come to Goa to have jolly good time in the shack owned by Eva Grover, who plays the character of Ruby Mascaranes.

The seven central characters is a mix of known and new faces. The known faces are Daljit Kaur, Chahat Khanna and Anirudh Dave. Supreet Bedi who has been an anchor on Zoom since 2006, Tarul Swami and Arpit Sharma who have been part of films like Mumbai Salsa and Fashion and Rayamond Irani who was seen in Mumbai Salsa are the four new faces who complete the group of seven friends.

Paintal who essays the character of Logo Mascaranes plays Eva Grover's (Ruby) elder brother who has just come to Goa from abroad. He lives in the huge bungalow behind the shack. His grown up kids have left him all alone, and thus he hates the sight of the new generation kids. Ultimately, as the story progresses the seven friends change the mindset of the man.

Ruby aunty as reported earlier is a very colorful character who has been Miss Goa in her younger days. She is very happy over the fact that there are men of all ages who go gaga over her. "Supreet Bedi plays the niece of Ruby aunty, and her screen name is Cheril. She is a complete brat who beats up guys. The other six young characters happen to be the friends of Cheril, who come over to Goa to enjoy.

Daljit's character is of a very dumb and shy girl who is totally unaware of the twists in life while Chahat is a multi-millionaire's daughter who is a total brat. Basically, the seven young generation guys and girls are from different backgrounds, and their story takes off when they come to Goa.

The show is slated to launch post IPL. "The show will most likely begin in the first week of June. It will be seen at a primetime slot every Friday to Sunday", concludes our source.
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