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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jai Shri Krishna to showcase Krishna’s adolescent year; introduces new Krishna

KrishnaYashoda maiyya’s natkhat Kanhaiyya managed to melt even the toughest heart with his cute little smile and little baby antics. But time waits for none and even our beloved little Krishna now has to grow up. ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ the successful and popular mythological drama on COLORS which is based on Shri Krishna’s life is all set to grow up – literally. The show which had been focusing on Krishna’s life as a toddler will now have an adolescent Kanha making Vrindavan and the gopis dance to his bansuri’s tunes.

The young actor will portray the role of Krishna in his pre-teen and teen years. With the change in actor and in age also comes a change in the storyline of the show.

The show will now, of course, focus on the antics of an adolescent Krishna and will include charming stories about gopis, dancing on the head of the snake (Kaalia), and of course the this new phase in the show will also witness the love blossoming between the young lovers - Radha and Krishna. Bathed in the sweet emotion of love, devotees will get a glimpse of ‘Raas Leela’ - the eternal love story of Lord Krishna and the graceful Radha.

Ashwini Yardi, programming head for COLORS said, “Lord Krishna’s charm, be it as a toddler or as an adolescent, never fails to touch your heart. The elder Kanha brings with him a mature outlook to life while keeping his innocence intact. At the same time, his worldview changes as he starts experiencing a lot more than he did as a toddler. This is the time when Krishna faces feelings of deep rooted emotional love for Radha. On the other hand, his innate character as the protector of mankind comes to the fore when he encounters Kaalia naag. This phase of Krishna’s life is filled with very interesting twists and turns and we’re sure the audiences will enjoy every moment of it.”

Speaking about this major change Moti Sagar, Producer of Meenakshi Sagar Productions said, “Baby Krishna’s story is filled with cute incidents that we all have enjoyed watching over the past few months that the show has been running. However, it was now time to let the audiences grow with our little Krishna and find out what twists and turns his life is about to go through. The story is a natural progression for the show and will lead the way for us to include even more interesting tales from Krishna’s life. We hope that the audiences like and enjoy watching our new Krishna as much as they loved our little baby Kanha.”

Krishna Devotees will be able to watch older Krishna up to his newer antics on COLORS from May 28th 2009 at 8:30 pm from Monday to Friday.
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