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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'Luck plays hide 'n' seek with me' – Karan Sharma

This week Karan Sharma aka Aziz of Pyaar Ka Bandhan tackles our quick grills…
The last movie you watched: It was two weeks back…Do Knot Disturb

A mistake that you often repeat: I keep forgetting people's names

A place on earth that seems heaven to you: Mumbai, because for me this city is everything

Bikes or cars?: Cars

The last time luck favored you: Luck is always playing hide and seek with me

Physical appearance, education, money –Rate according to importance:
First comes education, obviously, then money and then physical appearance.

A song that you can never get tired of: (sings) Chookar mere mann ko, kiya tune kya ishaara…

Many people compare you to other actors. According to you, who do you resemble?: I think I'm a unique human being. I don't compare myself to others.

The most successful person in TV industry:
Shahrukh Khan in the entire history of TV industry and Big B because I'm sure when he is there hosting on television everybody is glued to watching him.

One word that can describe you:

One accessory that brings out your brighter side: My watch

Do you believe dreams try to tell us something?: I think dreams reflect our thoughts…but yes sometimes they do come true in real life, so I guess they give us a fore-warning.

If you could symbolize your life with a bird what would it be?: Kingfisher…because it's colourful.

Freedom to you is: Exploring new things

Right now you are wishing for: Myself to be established as a good actor
'Luck plays hide 'n' seek with me' – Karan SharmaSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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