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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What’s brewing between Bhaktiyar and Claudia?

BhaktiyarBigg Boss is trying to catch in with more eyeballs by showing the closeness of Bhaktiyar Irani and Claudia Ciesla. Where as Tanaaz’s reaction towards their proximity is neglected in the scenes.

“Bhaktiyar is trying to get more close to Claudia after the ouster of Kamal R Khan. The channel too was focusing on that just to get the more eyeballs on weekends,” chirps the little birdie.

Elaborating on the stint, our source adds, “Bhaktiyar’s wife Tanaaz being in the house is not making any difference for the actor. Over the top, whether she is objecting or not is not been shown.”

We all have seen how the actor was trying to impress the German model and trying to get close in the kitchen and near the pool. Is this for real or just another game for the ratings? Now we need to wait and watch of how far these people can go on the name of reality…

What’s brewing between Bhaktiyar and Claudia?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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