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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kamal and Bakhtiyar locked up in jail....

As we all know, the house of Bigg Boss this year has a new inclusion in its set-up in the form of a jail. A contestant found disobeying any of the rules set by Bigg Boss will immediately be confined to the four walls of the jail.

And in the second week itself, we see not one, but two contestants being pushed into the jail for their bad conduct.

"In tonight's episode, Vindoo along with Kamal and Bakhtiyar are called by the Bigg Boss into the confession room. Bigg Boss tells them that even after many warnings Kamal and Bakhtiyar have erred in not wearing their mikes on many occasions. The order given by the Boss is that Kamal and Bakhtiyar be locked up in the jail by Vindoo. On hearing this, the housemates get a shock of their life and we get to see various kinds of reactions coming out from them. While few of them cried, some felt bad for the two, some started panicking and some discussed the situation".

Tanaaz who was given a show down by Bakhtiyar in yesterday's episode, felt emotional on seeing her husband in the jail. Poonam and others try to convince her.

"In the jail, Kamal and Bakhtiyar discuss that, with them paying such a big price, nobody will now forget to wear the mike", adds our source.

How long will Bakhtiyar and Kamal have to survive in the jail? When will they get released?

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