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Monday, October 26, 2009

English Bolna Mana hai!

ShamitaWe are all aware that English speaking is a strict no no in the Bigg Boss house… But looks like Shamita is on a rule-breaking spree! For the second time Shamita breaks the most important rule of the house… Bigg Boss decides to punish Shamita again and make sure that she does not speak in English again….

Bigg Boss addressed Shamita’s non Hindi speaking issue to all the housemates and decides that Shamita will be the voice for Rohit, who speaks Hindi very well….

Therefore Shamita plays the role of a speaker for Rohit… Rohit cannot talk to anybody in the house; if he wants to say something then he has to explain Shamita in sign language… Shamita has to interpret Rohit’s sign language and make the housemate understand… if Shamita and Rohit don’t follow this task properly they will be put into jail…

Looks like Rohit has to pay for Shamita’s mistake…

Will Shamita and Rohit be successful in not getting punished?

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