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Monday, October 26, 2009

Shilpa Shinde blames Romit for break-up

Shilpa Shinde and Romit Raj, the much-in-love couple, was all set to tie the knot on November 29.

Shilpa Shinde blames Romit for break-up

The wedding, which was supposed to take place in the beautiful locales of Goa, is called off at the last moment. We called the couple to know what went wrong. Though Romit chose to be evasive, a heartbroken Shilpa gave vent to her emotions. In an exclusive interview, she lashed out at Romit and gave us the lowdown on what soured the relationship.

"I had left everything because of my marriage. As a girl I know what my responsibility towards my husband and his family is and I used to do everything according to his will. I kept all his family members in mind but he still expected more from me. In fact I always used to give my shooting time to them due to which I stopped getting offers because of my terms and conditions," Shilpa informed.

An obviously shattered Shilpa elaborates, "Regardless I never complained and was happy. People felt that I was dominating but it was the other way round- I was dominated by him all the time. When we met on the sets of Maayka I found him very calculative and he always used to plan things in advance. I told him many times that in reality it never happens. Everything can't happen according to plans as some things have to be left to time. Once he also told me that he never wanted to marry a girl from the industry and he wanted to marry a typical Punjabi girl. Whenever he had any family members at his place and he called me to meet them I made it a point to go there. But on occasions when I couldn't go he felt that I had erred. He was never satisfied with me and always expected more from me. I called off the marriage because it was me who always used to adjust in the relationship. I believe adjustments should be made by both the sides. I am very happy that I realised this even now as it is better to call off the marriage rather than facing problems after marriage.

Whatever I was able to do I did and more than him I spent my time with his family. But now when we have split no one from his family has even bothered to call me and speak to me. I find this very strange I was feeling as I had done so much for them.

My wedding preparations were done, my wedding outfit was ready, I had even bought my jewellery and the cards were also printed. It is very sad that I had to call off my marriage one month prior to the actual date. But I feel it is a wise decision and I am very happy that at least now I won't have to make adjustments for each and every single thing. I will now be able to take my own decisions."

We called Romit for his side of the story. Though he confirmed the news all he said was, "Yes, it's true we have parted ways and our wedding is called off on a mutual understanding. I just want to wish her all the very best and may she get all the happiness."

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