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Friday, October 30, 2009

Soha Ali Khan and Emraan in Perfect Bride house..

A big surprise is in store for the contestants of Star Plus' Perfect Bride this week, as the gorgeous Soha Ali Khan plays a prank on everyone, and enters the house with her baggage, as if she is a new wild card contestant and will live with them.

She is welcomed into the bedroom by the girls, and they show her around the house. She interacts with the girls about the boys they like in the house, the way the house functions, who cooks, etc. Everyone is under an impression that she really is a new entry in the house.; Soha insists on meeting the boys, but is stopped by Sudesh Rani by saying that, "If you meet our sons, they will get mesmerized by you and will stop looking at the other girls in the house."

Well, if this is not enough, the dashing and hot Emraan Khan is also there in the house. Emran and Soha bowled everyone with their charm and quick wit which was quite evident when Emraan danced with mummy's making them blush!

Later Soha interacts with the boys and discusses their interests, likes, dislikes.; She questions them on why was the wall built between the two houses. They tell her about the rule breaking incident because of which this wall was built. She insists on the wall to be broken. They plead and promise that the rules won't be broken again. To their surprise the terrace wall is broken by Emran from the other side and he enters the house. Emran and Soha spend quality time dancing, talking about their movie 'Tum mile' and enjoying with everyone in the Perfect Bride house.;

Emran and Soha ask Yashdeep's mother if she would give a second chance to Gurpreet as she is her son's first choice. To which Yashdeep's mother replies, "It's all up to my son now; I don't think I have much to say.;

This episode airs on Friday, Oct 30 at 10: 30 pm only on STAR Plus..
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