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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aap Ki Antara's Ascending TRPs!

Zee TV and Drishtant Media Pvt Ltd's Aap Ki Antara, created an awareness on autism amongst the masses, and even received a lot of critical acclaim. Though the ratings of the show had been steady ever since the launch, it still had to prove itself at the commercial market. But to the joy of the whole cast and crew, the show has reached its best phase ever, when it comes to ratings. with an average of 3.8 TVR.

Producer Monish Sekhri says, "It indeed gives a positive feeling to the entire team. Now that we've gotten into the above 3 bracket we would definitely like to hold onto it and of course aim to go higher." He adds, "We started the show with two main objectives in mind. The first one was to change the mindset of people towards autism which we have literally succeeded in doing. The second was to introduce to Indian television viewers, a fresh new way of storytelling. We wanted the viewers to realize that stories can be explored in this way too!"

Lead actor Darshan Pandya says, "We are feeling very good. It's not a love story. Not a saas-bahu story. Not period. Not mythological. Instead, our show is very simple and subtle with not much of add-ons. Zee TV, the production house Drishtant Media and even we actors up to an extent were very nervous whether the audience would accept such a premise or not. But they have and it feels great."

Prabhleen Sandhu,
the lead actress, says, "We are in seventh heaven. Hamaari mehnat rang laayi.(Our efforts has borne fruit). "

With this success Aap Ki Antara actually makes its way to a new beginning. Our source says, "Presently the track deals with Antara being lost and how because of this incident Vidya and Aditya's relationship is strained even more. Soon all the characters will be smoothly brought to a freeze –frame after which a leap in the story will take place", states our source.
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