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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nimisha Vakharia says bye to Shree

Nimisha VakhariaA supernatural and horrifying daily, Shree is at its verge for another wind that will again bring a setback for on screen couple Hari (Pankaj Tiwari) and Shree (Wassna Ahmed).

Nimisha Wakaria aka Putlibai from the show herself revealed it to us. “My role is ending for now as according to scripts I have to give sacrifice for my daughter Kangana, so that she could come back again in this material world to take her revenge from Shree and her family,” she said.

As we know that any mother in the world would not like to see her daughter being beaten or loosing the race. “I decided to sacrifice myself because I don’t want to see my daughter giving up to Shree,” she adds further.

But after all it’s a daily soap and anything can happen here. “I might come again,” she concluded.

Fear can come again so beware! kuch bhi ho sakta hai…

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