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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Iss pregnancy se mujhe bachao

Ashita DhawanThis is what Ashita Dhawan has been yelling to the production team of Bidaai. The bubbly actress is preggy in the show and has to wear a fake stomach mask which is very heavy and itchy too.

“It is heavy and very frustrating to wear that fake stomach. Sometimes I feel like crying and keep irritating my team of Bidaai and the channel of when are they going to relive me from this,” grins Ashita.

Elaborating more on her condition she funnily chirps, “Since few daus I use my fake stomach as a table top and keep my mobile of chai ka cup on it. What to do as I have to wear that for long hours.”

“I would like you to take my request to the producers ki iss se mujhe bachao as I want to come back to normal and tell you guys about the good news ki ladka hua hai,” she concludes laughingly.

Hope the channel and producers are listening!

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