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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Priyamvadda completes a full circle..

Talented actress, Priyamvadda Sudhakar Sawannt (as she spells her name now) has completed a full circle when it comes to the various roles she has played on Sahara One.

She was earlier seen as the Good Samaritan, who gets possessed in Sahara One's Shubh Kadam. She now plays the role of Goddess Saraswati in the newly launched show on the same channel, Ganesh Leela. If this is not enough, she will be soon seen as the investigative office in the upcoming Sahara One show Mr. and Mrs. Mishra.

Talking about the roles she has played on Sahara, Priyamvadda says, "I am really happy with the kind of roles that I have got till now. But believe me, nothing was planned. But it is really amazing that I got to play a possessed woman, and then a Goddess and now a cop. Having said this, I really needed to detoxify my system after playing the possessed in Shubh Kadam (smiles)".

On her role in the upcoming show Mr. and Mrs. Mishra, she states, "I play one of the investigative officers in the Unit 9 Team lead by Rahil Azam. My character name is Rechal Pinto, and I will have a love interest too as the story goes on".

Priyamvadda had earlier mentioned in one of her interviews that she is in awe of rifle shooting, and would love to take up any action packed role she comes across. "Yes, shooting is my passion and have taken a course on it earlier. So when I was approached for this particular role, I was at the edge of my seat and wanted to get this role for myself very badly. The work shop we attended was to our advantage and was a good learning curve. Mr. and Mrs. Mishra will surely appeal to the youth, and the manner in which the show is being made is exceptional", she opines.

Mr. and Mrs. Mishra will launch in the first week of September on Sahara One and will be a daily.
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