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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Antara's Testing Moment on Janmashtami

The air is full of festivities for the cast of Zee TV's Aap Ki Antara. They are now shooting for a Janmashtami special episode where there will be matka-todna which will be followed by song, dance and other revelry. But the buzz is that Zaina Vastani aka Antara won't be dancing due to a nervous breakdown.

According to our source, "Antara has undergone all the practice possible to perform a Radha act on stage. However, she goes on to the stage but does not dance as her mind instructs her not to. She initially does a few steps but then abruptly stops."

Zaina will be donning traditional attire for the Janmashtami shot. Havov Vastani, Zaina's real life mother says, "Zaina got to wear a beautiful ghagra - choli. It's made of soft velvet. The choli is red with puffed sleeves and open back. The ghagra is yellow and both the choli and ghagra have thick golden borders. She also wears gold ornaments and bindi." Havov adds, "At first Zaina was very fussy about wearing heavy ornaments as she is not used to it. But once she wore it and everyone started saying how gorgeous she looked, she was on cloud nine!"

All this attention to Zaina made her twin sister Ziah feel left out. Says Havov, "Ziah was feeling left out so we got another ghagra - choli for her and dressed her up. But Ziah, being a tomboy, got bored soon and took them off!"

Darshan Pandya aka Aditya is also excited about the Janmashtami celebrations. He says," Aditya is very happy about Antara's involvement in the celebrations and therefore he is looking forward to her day on the stage. This is what I can tell you as of now".

But according to our source all does not go well with Aditya on Janmashtami day. The source says, "There's a matka – todna competition between two buildings. Billu breaks the matka and helps to win the competition. In the Radha -Krishn contest, Billu and Antara do not win the competition, but Antara certainly garbs a few eyeballs. But apart from this there will a lot of hungama (chaos) that happens on the day. The building residents will stir up some trouble. A big fight happens between Mrs. Gupta and Aditya in which eventually even Vidya gets involved."

With so many tantalizing factors in store, the episode certainly seems interesting.

Aap Ki Antara is also set to take a leap within one and a half months after which the kids in the show will be replaced by teens. As per our source, "All the characters in the show will slowly progress towards the change in terms of leap which is slated to happen after a month or so".

As of now, let us look forward to the little angel Antara take to the stage for the first time in her life...
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