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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Raksha Bandan Special on Bhaskar Bharti

Bhaskar BhartiThe search for Bhaskar becomes all the important when Bhaskar’s brother Nanhe comes to town from Gwalior looking for him. The entire magazine office is shocked to know that Bhaskar was never in Gwalior, which is what they were told. Nanhe is convinced that Bhaskar is missing and someone, among the office guys is not telling the truth. He decides to go to the police station to report about the missing Bhaskar.

Bharti is completely shattered with Nanhe’s untimely arrival. Payal hits upon an idea- that Bharti should tie rakhi to Nanhe who is very vulnerable and emotional. They go to the police station, convince Nanhe and bring him back. It’s Raksha Bandhan and Bharti decides to tie Nanhe a rakhi. Who is Bharti? Why should Nanhe let Bharti tie a rakhi? These are some of the questions playing in Nanhe’s head. Will Bharti manage to win over Nanhe on this Raksha Bandan?

Stay tuned to the Raksha Bandan Special on Bhaskar Bharti on Wednesday, August 5, at 9.00 pm, only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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