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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'I feel guilty for not spending time with my family' - Pallavi Subhash

Pallavi Subhash has been paired opposite Ram Kapoor once again in NDTV Imagine's Basera. She plays Ketaki Sanghavi who along with Keshubhai Sanghavi (Ram Kapoor) battles the troubles posed by parenthood.

Here is an exclusive interview with Pallavi Subhash..

Why did you choose this role of a mother when you were doing so well in Aathvan Vachan?

I completely agree with you. But when Sagars called me to offer this role one thing that they said to me touched my heart- your role is like that of Hema Malini in Baghban. And I thought this is a great opportunity where I can try to emulate one of the greatest veterans of Bollywood. Then my mind never turned back and I had set my heart on it.

Did you then take tips from the way Hema Malini enacted her role?
No. there was no need to. Because our script is written with such minutest detail, that we know how each character behaves in any given situation.

Weren't you apprehensive of playing mother?
No because I have played mom before. And it's been a month since I'm shooting for this role and I've never regretted my decision.

What kind of background do you come from? Joint family or nuclear family?
I used to be a part of joint family but due to some reasons we could not continue to remain so. Now I live with my mother and my sister, and my father is no more.

What is your mom's expectations from you?
Well parents usually expect small things. My mom wants me eat only ghar ka khaana, come home on time and get proper sleep. But at the end of the day I really feel proud when my mom watches me on television and gets happy!

Doesn't your mother want you to get married?
No. (Laughs) neither do I. Marriage is a great responsibility and you have to give your hundred percent commitment to that institution too. And right now I want to concentrate on my career.

What keeps a family or relationships working?
Trust and love. That's it!

Do you believe in karma?
Well, to be frank I never actually got the time to think about it. I think I'll go with a no. I just believe in my God, who resides in my heart and in my father.

Do you miss spending time with your family?
A lot. A lot. I really feel guilty about that. But what to do? At the end of the day, I have to work. I have chosen my career. But I have to really thank my mother in this. She has been one pillar of support. Knowing my busy schedule she keeps everything ready- food, dress everything.

How do feel in Vikram Phadnis' designer Saris?
Very confident! This is the second time I'm working with the designer. Previously I've worn his dresses during a fashion show.

You like playing negative characters or positive ones?
I like playing negative characters. Because of my face I always get positive characters, so negative characters seem more appealing to me. I really enjoyed my time as Meera. I think I like those kind of more sophisticated negative roles. Not the trashy ones with loud makeup and a bindi which threatens to stain your hair.

What is the show Basera all about?
Basera, the title itself says a lot. You will get to see five different families and their tackling of relationships. It's got a message for the younger generation about family values.

How is it working with Ram Kapoor once again?
It's been a fun experience. He is one of the most senior stars in the industry. It's a privilege to work with him.

How's your off-screen relationship with him?
We are very good friends. We respect each other and value each other's talents.

Don't you want to play younger roles?
Obviously. I would love to play younger roles but with a strong script.

Viewers really enjoy your onscreen chemistry with Ram Kapoor due to which you two are more prone to be working together, aren't you afraid of falling into a slot?
Absolutely not. What matters to me more than what I'm playing or who I'm working with is the script. As it is actors don't have any choice over their co-actors. I just see the script. I really don't think much on it.

How is your experience working with Sagars?
It's been a great experience. They never treated me like a newcomer. They made me feel very comfortable. There are forty artists in our show but the production house treats everyone with equal care. They also keep encouraging me from time to time by sending me text messages saying 'keep it up' etc. They all are sweet.

'I feel guilty for not spending time with my family' - Pallavi SubhashSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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