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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Actors married off for real in Balaji Show!

ActorRecently a grand wedding with much fanfare took place in the Balaji show Pavitra Rishta. Archana (Ankita) and Manav (Sushant) tied the knot in-front of many people, but to the absolute horror of the duo, the shaadi turned out to be real. As per the eye witness from the sets, “The mantras that the pundit was chanting, was for real.

For that matter, the mangalsutra and the pheres were authentic! After knowing this, the duo (Ankita and Sushant) were shocked and horrified. They went to the Balaji production team and asked them to undo the marriage.

” When we called up Sushant Singh Rajput to confirm the news, he stated, “Yes, the mangalsutra was real, but when I was tying it on Ankita, I ensured that it was flipped backwards.” We informed him of the well-known Maharashtrian wedding tradition, wherein the mangalsutra is intentionally flipped backward and is then worn. Sushant, for a minute was at a loss for words, then he cried out, “But I did not take the saat phere with her. It was just six and a half!”

On other hand Ankita conversed, “Yes the marriage sequence was shot in one go, but after that we had retakes and in whole process we took over 32 pheres. So I don’t think the marriage holds any validity, and even if it was real then, after taking so many pheres the shaadi has been automatically annulled.”

“Well I think you should ask my creative of why they got us married for real,” chirps the actress.

We contacted Sukriti, Creative Head of the show. “Those mantra and mangalsutra was not real at all. I don’t think this shaadi is for real, as the jodi Archana-Manav took just 6 pheres,” she clarifies.

Well now, whose version is more close to truth is not clear, as all three have their own say on the matter. But it would be quite interesting to see if Archana and Manav are termed married in real with their reel shaadi.

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