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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aathvaan Vachan gave me name and entry to TV- Vinny Arora

Vinny AroraThe cute little Urmi of Aathvaan Vachan, Vinny Arora has made it big with her entry in Rajan Shahi’s Swarg on Colors. She is playing the role of Gyatri, a very cultured girl who is bit naughty and full of positive energy.

In Aathvaan Vachan she played a girl who is physically grown, but mentally is still an 8 year old kid. It was a very challenging role for her and she carried it to the expectations of the audience

Do you think people will accept you in this role?
Initially, when I started with the show I was nervous as, I thought that it will be little difficult for people to accept me in this avatar. I totally believed that the actors do get typecast. Also, I did not want to mess it out, so was curious to know the audience reaction. Even I am trying to get into the skin of the character, and I know people will take time to accept me.

Any special preparation you have done for the role?
I did not need to do any preparations, as the role I am playing in Swarg is very similar to me. Rajanji just called me for the auditions and said that he wants me to do this particular character in his serial. He has earlier seen my work and was confident about me being in Swarg.

Which show is more close to your heart Aathvaan Vachan or Swarg?
I bagged the role in Swarg just a week back and have been enjoying my stint with the show. It is very different from what I did in past. Aathvaan Vachan has been a close show to my heart, as it was the one who gave me name and entry in this world. These are two different shows with different story line and are close to my heart.

What is your expectation from Swarg?
I expect that this show would be loved by all as we have all worked very hard towards each and every detail.

How is it to work with Prachleen?
He is not very quite as his character in the show. We all have lot of fun and also they are quite senior to me, so in a way I am getting help in the form of tips from them. Being the youngest on the sets I get pampered and it feels good. I am very comfortable to work with them.

Did you get any special tips from Rajan Shahi?
He narrated to me how should I go about with my character in Swarg. He really made me feel comfortable and also, gave me a welcome note which was a very warm gesture from him. He always does this with the actors who work with him.

Are you still in touch with your co-stars from your pervious show?
Yes I am still in touch with Mouli didi. We go for shopping together and also watch movies, have lunch or dinner. It’s great fun to be with her. Also, I am in contact with Vishal and he keeps guiding me of how should I go about my career. Even Mouli didi talks about the same.

Aathvaan Vachan gave me name and entry to TV- Vinny AroraSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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