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Monday, August 3, 2009

Raja Chaudhary appears in court

Raja ChaudharyBad boy Raja Chaudhary came in light for his notoriety and now when he wants to clean his tarnished image, producers would not let him do so, as they are all set to capitalize on the bad-boy in him.

He is soon to appear in episodic comedy series ‘Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai’. As expected of him, he is accused of eve-teasing his domestic help. “It’s fun-filled, episodic courtroom drama,” assures the controversy king. On asking about producers cashing on his real image on reel, he sportingly answers, “I do want to clean my image, but what to do, as these people don’t let me do so. In fact audience wants to see me in that character, so why not to do what is expected of me.”

Before Bigg Boss 2 happened to him, his identity was always as Shweta Tiwari’s husband but after they parted their ways, story is different. In spite of separating long back Raja has been following the show ‘Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao’ where Shweta appeared as one of the contestant. “Yes I have been following ‘Iss jungle…’ I liked her (Shweta) in the show,” he admits.

Raja has always been hounded by controversies but still he dared to face the truth on the show ‘Sach Ka Saamna’. “It will not bring much change in people’s opinion about me as waise bhi main hamesha sach hi bolta hun,” he asserts. So we did ask satyawaadi Raja, is he seeing someone? He tampered the universal clich├ęd to his comfort and said, “I am happy to be single and not ready to mingle.”

After BB2 his villainous image did appease to grey shade but as controversies did not cease, he has now become a Bad Boy for good. “I am also trying to figure out my follies, but I must say electronic media blew it out of proportion. It was not exactly as it was presented on TV, only the movements and actions were mine, rest masala came from the voiceovers scripted as the channels pleased,” he clarifies. But he is also enjoying the fair share of popularity he gained on the show. “After BB2 even on the first meeting people converse with me as if they know me in and out,” he shares.

His stint in BB2 has given him name, fame and also a character that no one else can do better than him. Soon he will be seen in Sahara One’s brand new show ‘Unit 9’. “I am playing something very similar to what I have been doing on Bigg Boss 2,” he hints. So guys worst is yet to come from this bad boy.

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